Want to Play? We'll Help You Build a Team
Intro to PRO

Retro leagues are everywhere. They come and go, we join and fade away. They always seem to be lacking something we're searching to find.

There are basically two types of retro leagues. Those year-by-year romps beginning at some point in the past and working slowly toward the future.  The other is the franchise all-star league, either with drafted or stock teams.

Each of those league types has an inherent problem. Many of you lose interest in waiting 8-10 years until the guy you really really want enters the NFL. The franchise all-stars have one data set - the players never change. One season is enough.

Imagine this:  You join a retro league and there is no draft. You are given a box full of DK cash and told to go out and build your team, choosing any players you want from 1950-present. 60 of them. Of course there are rules to team creation; salary caps, roster requirements, etc.  Those players will then progress through their careers within PRO, as if each were a current player.

This system has many advantages. There will never, ever be a draft for new players. When a guy is done, just go get another one. This means nobody will ever have any incentive to lose a game. Your favorite players - from any era - can play now.  No waiting.  No one-and-dones.

Another advantage is in filling teams. There are so many players available, we could start with as few as 4 teams and allow new teams in at any time. You want in? Ok - go make a team and you can start play with the next year. If we lose a guy, no worries on filling vacancies. An empty team can be put in stasis with the players not advancing until somebody wants to take it over. 

If you want to know more, click on the rules page or drop me a line. I'm always happy to chat. If you're interested, start making a team. I expect the league to activate in November.

UPDATE: The league will play on a 30-week cycle which is roughly 7 months. The regular season is 16 weeks, plus 4 more for the off-season. We'll then have 10 weeks to rest, trade, trash-talk, and drop/add players while I construct the new league file. Not having a draft really lightens the off-season load.

Fan's Corner
Are You Good Enough?

If this league is nothing else, it is a blank slate. It is democracy in action. Every team has the same chance to win as every other team.

There will be no "down years" due to a bad draft or NFL injuries. No team will ever enter a game as a double-digit underdog. I doubt we'll see a 7 point spread, ever.

There will be no player hoarding or mega franchises. It is impossible under this format.

While there is still room for wise GMs to strut their stuff, there is even greater space for a sharp coach to build the team of his dreams.

Some will go defense, other offense. Some like to run, others like to pass. Some like to wear you down, others like explosive teams. Build your team the way you like to play. 

Every team can win the title in any given year and there will be no cakewalk games.

The kicker is the unpredictability of the "historical average" game setting. Mixing players from different eras can have interesting consequences.