Ken McFeggan 1962-
Forgetting to Pull Your Zipper Up; the Saga of an Old Dude.
LOCATION: Ottowa Lake, MI
OCCUPATION: Electronics Tech, University of Toledo

I’m 61 (never thought I’d be here…) years old and live in Ottawa Lake, Mi which is just north of Toledo Oh.

I’m married with 2 kids and 5 grandkids.  I have worked at the University of Toledo for the last 20 years as an electronics tech.  I grew up all over the country with my family as my father rose through the ranks of American Motors and the auto industry.


God bless my old man. He still goes to Whitecap games in Grand Rapids and he’s 90. The old man, wherever we lived, would take me and my brother to whatever pro game was happening at the time.  I remember Fulton County Stadium, the Falcons, Bush Stadium and the Cardinals, Green Bay and the Packers (During the Glory Years too!) etc. They were ALWAYS the cheap seats. I swear to God, one of my clearest memories as a little kid was sitting at COBO Hall in Detroit watching Dave Bing and the Pistons, and the players were ants. I’m not kidding. Little dots running around. And my clearest memory is how I could reach up and change the light bulb in the ceiling. That amazed me.

I ended up in Toledo and decided I would put down steaks there and started as a bartender in 80. Since I had to work Sundays (new guy), I watched the Browns every week (Blackouts -- That Stupid Silverdome NEVER sold out) and that was the year Brian Sipe and the Cardiac Kids had a magical year.


I should have known to run away then.

No such luck. I have been a Browns fan since 1980.

I have been playing Action PC since about 07.  I remember the early days of internet football over the 56k modems and getting locked out every four or five plays.

I am looking forward to competing with you all in this new kind of league. So many good players : )

It’s very intriguing and just the recaps, box scores should be a blast.

Minnesota Vikings