Eric Lindner 1961-
“Looks like the end of the line!” -The Allman Brothers
LOCATION: Hemet, California
OCCUPATION: Attorney/Educator (retired)

I hit 62 this year and it hit back. Lisa Marie is my wife of 38 years and we have two sons, a daughter, two grandkids, plus two dogs and a cat. When the family and in-laws get together it looks like a UN Session; we have Cheyenne Southern Band, Blacks, Latinos and Whites all present at the table. Born on the old Neosho Reservation (now the Cheyenne-Arapaho Reservation) back in 1955. We moved around a lot as a kid, from the Rez to Quincy, Illinois to Owensboro, Kentucky to Canton, Ohio and finally, Detroit, Michigan just in time for the Riots of 1967. Left Detroit to settle in Moreno Valley, California back in 1985. I have been fortunate to live in several foreign countries due to worked related fields, such as, Belgium, The Netherlands, Northern Italy, Iceland and two years in Mexico.

Sports wise, I am a diehard Cleveland Indians fan, Los Angeles Chargers, World Cup Soccer and a Los Angeles Kings fan. Ice hockey has always been my greatest love. Played through Juniors B and A finishing with the Windsor Spitfires back in the early seventies. Educationally, I graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA double major in Political Science and Legal History. Earned my MA in Legal Constitutional History and my MS in Literacy and Writing in the Content Areas (it’s a thing).  Then Michigan law in 1979 and later my doctorate back in 2002. Professionally, I worked for the DOJ at The Hague/ICJ, Simon and Driesch Law Firm and have taught at several Universities and Public Schools. Coached travel baseball teams, fastpitch softball, high school football, baseball and soccer for 20+ years.


Always opted for Strat over APBA when I started playing sport sims back in 1974 with a heavy emphasis on MLB. I have or am currently playing Koch’s football and hockey games and various war/strategy PC games. I have always been impressed with the individuals I have met and continue to meet in the various leagues I have played in over the last five decades and am humbled by some of the genius many of you demonstrate in running your teams. My favorite sports heroes are Jim Brown, Bobby Orr, Mr. Hockey, Al Kaline and “Sudden Sam” McDowell. They truly stand at the apex of the sports pyramidal structure. My hobbies include Sport Sims, Oil Painting, Guitars, Reading, Traveling, Sports Collectibles and Grandkids. The latter make life worth living!

Cleveland Browns