Robert Parish 1961-
Paddle faster. I hear banjos.....
LOCATION: Beaumont, Tx
OCCUPATION: Retired Oil Roughneck

Born and raised in Kansas, recently retired from an oil refinery near Beaumont, Texas. We live on 10 acres in the Big Thicket of SE Texas. Have enjoyed sports all my life, even playing rugby well into my forties. Spend time enjoying my family (5 grandkids so far), my church (Baptist), my dogs (a ridgeback and a Golden Retriever) and my Chiefs (yes I bleed red) . I dabble in writing and survivalism.


Hoping to put together a tale (fiction) about the upstart AFL (1960 timeframe). I started playing pc football back in the mid 1990's and have enjoyed the many friends and experiences. Probably spend too much time doing this hobby, but the wife says I could get into a lot more trouble doing other things. 

Kansas City Chiefs