Brian Macri 1961-
Bring in the squints, bug boy.
LOCATION: Mt. Sinai, N.Y.
OCCUPATION: Forensic Investigator

I was born in Fall River Mass., attended University in NYC and stayed in NY .  I know live on Long Island.  I played High School Hockey, Football and Tennis.  I ended up blowing out both knees my senior year in Hockey and since then just played recreational hockey and soccer.  Before that I was going to have a shot at playing College Hockey, but knees too shot.  I have one son, who just went off to University, and am married.  I began playing Strat at 10 when my friend was given an old 1940 great team set.  I then found game and began playing football and hockey as well as baseball.  Became a PC Football guy about a decade ago.

Boston Patriots