Pat Crew 1961-
League Commissioner
Forgetting to Pull Your Zipper Up; the Saga of an Old Dude.
LOCATION: Corvallis, Oregon
OCCUPATION: Retired Environmental Engineer

I have been married to Connie since 1983. We have two grown and married sons and one grand-daughter with a a grand-bun in the oven.  I grew up in Chicago and have lived in Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and Oregon.

I began in sim games back around 1972 with an APBA baseball league called the WBO. Back then games were played using cards and dice with snail-mailed written instructions to your opponents for lineups, etc. The opponent played the games and sent the results to the league office to be hand-tabulated. In the late 70's we progressed to football and more face-to-face play. After nearly a decade layoff and the advent of computer games, I jumped back in during the 90's with Strat-O-Matic V2.0 which I played until 2013 when I found Dave's great offering. I've been here ever since. I am currently co-commissioner of League of Champions and hope to get PRO going as my last great sim-league adventure.

This PRO concept is something I did back in the very early 80's in a baseball league called GOAL (Great Oldies APBA League). It petered out after 7 years of manual play due to frustrations with record keeping (again, all hand tabulated).

Chicago Bears